Bassist Daria Chernakova, 26, whose classical chops (she graduated from Moscow Conservatory), rhythmic suppleness, sensitive ear, soloistic skills and serve-the-music attitude enhanced sets by tenor saxophonist Sergei Gurbeloshvili’s quartet and trumpeter Alex Sipiagin’s quintet with alto saxophonist Will Vinson during the festival’s first two days. On Aug. 6 on the festival’s outdoor stage, Chernakova applied her formidable skills to a trio...

Although the repertoire was “traditional,” they displayed complete freedom within the forms, telepathically switching between soloistic and supportive roles. Chernakova’s opening solo on Bill Evans’ “We Will Meet Again” comprised logical, swinging lines, conveyed with full-bodied, centered tone. After anticipating Farmakovsky’s every move on a snaky solo on Jobim’s “Chega De Saudade,” she uncorked another several choruses, centering every resonant note on a harmonically astute declamation. Her staunch walking bass line cushioned Farmakovsky to do anything he wanted on a Monkish blues, and her solo on a well-known soul-jazz number (à la Junior Mance and Bobby Timmons) was requisitely greasy and consistently interesting.

Ted Panken



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